Airsoft BB's Standart

Damn BB's Standard


Standart BB series made by Professional airsoft players. While attainable in whole world having with high quallity and decent price, DAMN BB’s will become an indispensable in your games.


Which BB should I choose?

Basicly heavier BB you prefer, more accurate shots you may get. In this case, you should have consider about your Velocity(FPS). While markers shoot less then with 350 FPS fitting best with 0.25, 0.20, 0.12 rifles higher then 350 FPS perform best with 0.25, 0.28 and 0.30 gr BBs. Sniper rifles with long range and with much more velocity, you should have choose 0.30 or heavier BBs. Of course theese values may change depending on weather conditions and marker type you use but in most cases theese are the numbers you should consider.


Damn Tracer BB


DAMN Tracer BB’s incredably increase your night or in-door games quallity no matter what kind of marker you use or game type you play. With multiple weight options, DAMN Tracer BB’s are best choice for in-door and night games.


What is tracer BB?

When you shoot with appropriate muzzle device Tracer BB’s glow when you shoot them thanks to their inside formula. This while makes tracing your shoots increadibly easy and also provides a beautiful visual in dark places. With DAMN Tracer games are easier and more fun.


Damn Bio BB's


Damn Bio BB’s are best option for every airsoft players and fields due to its nature friendly structural. While protecting nature from any harm caused by plastic BB’s it also reduces expenses and time spare for cleaning.


What is Bio BB?

BIO BB’s are airsoft BBs that are capable of dissolving in nature thanks to their organic materials. This makes them very clean choice for both players and fields. With BIO BB’s we can protect nature from harm while having great time in airsoft games.